Supportive Therapy

Supportive Therapy

Supportive therapy is a conversational modality that is used in many different clinical practices. In supportive therapy, the provider engages with the patient through discussion and communication in order to help the patient cope with, better understand, and maintain hope in their problems. While supportive therapy can be conducted in many different ways, the basis of the treatment is to create a dialogue between patient and provider that emphasizes empathy, support, and encouragement to help guide patients towards recovery. Supportive therapy can be used either as primary treatment or as adjunctive treatment with pharmacotherapy.

How do our treatment providers utilize Supportive Therapy?

Psychiatrists have widely used supportive psychotherapy for several different psychiatric illnesses, including depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, substance use disorders, and personality disorders.

What is the length of treatment?

The use of Supportive therapy is often based on the individual. Treatments may be continued until the patient sees significant reduction or elimination of symptoms and restoration of previous function. In a randomized control trial of 90 patients, sessions will typically run from 45 to 50 minutes once a week, with patients having the option of returning earlier if symptoms recur.

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Motivational Interviewing

What is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational interviewing is a type of psychotherapy that is used to encourage patients to recognize and make changes to possible maladaptive behaviors. This type of dialogue is based on cognitive-behavioral and readiness-to-change models. It allows the patient to better recognize and identify possible problems and behaviors that are not in-line with their overall values and goals. This therapy helps to enable self-empowerment and provide patients with the confidence they need to overcome their illnesses.

How do our treatment providers utilize Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational interviewing has been used to treat substance use disorders, promote lifestyle changes, and encourage adherence to medical therapy. Additionally, it may also be used as adjunctive therapy to other medical interventions.

What is the length of treatment?

Treatment time may vary. However, studied models have been 60 minutes in length over 1-5 sessions.

Supportive Therapy

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