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Arizona Foothills: 4 Mindful Meditation Tips to Overcome Coronavirus Anxiety

April 13, 2020

Arizona Foothills asked our own Dr. Valbuena to give four mindful meditation tips to overcome COVID-19 anxiety. During this time of uncertainty, anxiety can creep up and that’s when it’s most important to remember to […]

AZTV: 5 Things You Can Do At Home During Social Distancing that Can Help With Mental Health

April 8, 2020

With social distancing being a critical aspect to flattening the curve, many people are struggling to maintain a healthy mindset while at home without going stircrazy. Our own Dr. Valbuena chatted with AZTV (while social […]

AZ Big Media: Tips to say goodbye to work-related stress

March 13, 2020

Work-related stress can continue to trouble professionals long after they’ve clocked out. Our very own Dr. Paul Valbuena shared his top tips for individuals struggling to overcome work-related stress in order to thrive both inside […]

ABC 15 The List

March 9, 2020

When we feel happy and satisfied, we can thank something called dopamine for those feelings. But there’s a new school of thought that praises periodic “dopamine fasting” for sharpening the mind. Wellness expert Dr. Paul […]

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