Lose Weight Fast

5 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Whether you are looking to lose those last pesky ten pounds or fit into that new dress for an upcoming wedding, it is tempting to look towards unhealthy methods to lose weight fast. A simple internet search for fast weight loss options could lead you to pills, crash diets, and cleanses. What you need are small lifestyle changes that will lead to a healthy, but fast, weight loss.

Tea is Your Friend

Drinking tea has been studied by Chinese and American doctors for years. Certain teas promote natural weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolism. Oolong and green teas contain antioxidant nutrients that will melt fat away. These nutrients help fat cells release fat, while the liver burns it away. Studies have shown that if you drink these teas daily, you can lose up to one pound a week, without changing your diet or exercise.


When you lose weight, often it is water weight. When the body contains excess water that it cannot eliminate, the water creates bloating. Although it may seem funny to hear this but drinking water and keeping your body hydrated will help the body flush out the excess water and lose that water weight.

Ditch the Junk Food

It is not healthy to eat junk food on a regular basis. Any food is alright to eat in moderation. However, if you are looking to lose weight fast, the easiest step in diet modification is to stop snacking on simple carb snacks, high-fat foods, and late-night treats. If you choose to reduce or eliminate these foods, those last few pounds will disappear.

Eat Protein and Veggies

The word “diet” can create stress and anxiety alone. The idea of restricting yourself on a daily basis is a difficult task. Instead of putting yourself on a “diet,” eat the foods you want but make some small changes. Eating lean proteins, like chicken or fish, can fill you up with healthy nutrients and satisfy your appetite. Instead of simple carbs, like pasta and bread, eat whole-grain foods and vegetables, which will give the body more long-lasting energy and stable glucose levels. Simple meal and snack modifications will blast away the flab.

Get Active

If you are not currently exercising, start. If you already are, then add more. It is as simple as that. Getting active increases the body’s metabolism and fat-burning abilities. If exercise is new to you, adding 15-30 minutes of cardio movement three times a week, will make a huge difference in how you feel and how much fat you burn. If you are a regular to the gym, adding new activities, like push-ups, sit-ups, and burpees, will give your heart and muscles a boost and melt those inches away. Also, increasing cardio and muscular activities will get you over the hump, if you have stalled in your weight loss journey. The blast of energy will kickstart your metabolism and burn the weight off.

Coolsculpting your Fat Away

In addition to changing what you eat and what you do on a daily basis, there is another way to lose weight and inches, without going under the knife. Coolsculpting is a walk-in procedure, performed by certified professionals, that freezes fat away. This procedure eliminates entire fat cells from the body, called Cryolipolysis. Harvard University scientists studied the effect cold temperatures had on fatty tissue. After many studies, they discovered that there was a way to destroy whole fat cells, without damaging the delicate surrounding tissue. Cool paddles are waved over the targeted areas of the body. The cold temperatures and suction intensify the freezing of the fat cells that lie under the skin. The body then absorbs the dead fat cells and then the body has less fat cells to produce fat. This procedure will give you a small, but fast weight loss and a slimmer figure. Although this procedure may have a price tag, if you are looking for a way to personalize the shape of your body, it may be worth it.

Fast weight loss is something that many people dream of. Losing weight is cumbersome and overwhelming to many and that is why so many struggles to maintain a healthy weight. Keep in mind that weight is only a number. Your health is the most important. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight is what you need. You may want to fit into those new jeans or that pretty dress, but make sure you get there by taking the right road and avoid the common pitfalls and dangerous ways to lose weight.

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