Guided Imagery

Using Guided Imagery to Change Your Life

Guided imagery or visuals is an anxiety control procedure, where you use your imagination to visualize a place, individual, or even an opportunity that you desire. This activity of visualization helps create inner peace, relaxation, and abundance in your life. Guided imagery varies from other tension management approaches because it depends on using your imagination. For example, within your mind, you hear the sound of tweeting birds, you envision the decline of dew on the turf, you feel the wind on your skin, and you smell the aroma of wildflowers as you drink a cool beverage. All in photos and using all images from your creativity is what produces such a powerful and enjoyable activity. This is exactly why guided imagery is deeply beneficial in reducing stress levels and coping with tough circumstances.

Worry Control: Performing Guided Imagery to Unwind

Since the body and the mind are interconnected, guided imagery could give you the opportunity of experiencing what you are imagining. You can easily carry out these controlled visuals through audio recordings, a guardian, or even a script (a set of written guidelines) to direct you to effectively carry out the process. Afterall, you make use of your imagination in guided imagery. For example, if you yearn for a tropical setting, you may picture the cozy wind on your skin layer, the sky-blue from the water, the whistle of the breeze, and the sweet fragrance from tropical florals as well as the flavor of coconut so that it seems like you are actually there.

 Here is what you can do to perform Guided Imagery:

1. Find a comfortable location to sit or lie down. Shut your eyes.

2. Start by taking a few deep-seated breaths that can help you relax.

3. Imagine an environment that is peaceful and calm. This can be the beach, the mountain setting, the field, or even any scene that you pick.

4. Picture your setting, and try to add some particular event, for example, a breeze, now ask yourself, just how does this feel? What is the aroma like? How does the sky appear? Is it crystal clear, or are there actually clouds?

5. When you are deep in your imagination and experiencing nirvana, take a minute to breathe and gradually feel the calmness.

6. Think about a straightforward phrase or sound that you may utilize in the future to help you return to this location. When you are prepared, gradually withdraw from the scene and come back to where you are.

7. You can find a teacher, therapist, or an expert to help guide you through the process. Better yet, have a meditation and imagery session in a group class. It’s always fun and encouraging to do things in a group.

Case studies of guided imagery

Zoran Josipovic, a research scientist and adjunct professor at New York University, have conducted a study to compare brain signal and structure of Buddhist monks and regular people. Buddhist monks are known for their meditation skills and guided imagery skill. They meditate for hours and on a daily basis. They often practice guided imagery techniques to improve their well-being and state of mind. They place the Buddhist monks in an MRI and check the brain flow in the brain. The MRI of the monks shows that there are more blood flow and activities in the brain. This shows that the guided imagery has reduced stress, therefore, reduce the resistance of blood vessels running towards the brain This will, therefore, improve blood flow, which in turns provide better concentration, well-being, and thought the process for the individual.

Guided imagery is a form of meditation that utilizes your imagination to create images and another place. This activity has some great health benefits as well. The technique reduces stress by releasing endorphins to reduce blood pressure and promote better health. This will help reduce depression, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and other mental health issues. Afterall, mental health disorders become more activated by increasing amount of stress. It also promotes confidence and the law of attraction. Life coaches often use this technique to help their clients obtain success through a law of attraction. Through guided images, your energy vibration will be sent to the universe to help improve your luck. You will also have increased confidence and motivation to accomplish your goals. Both hard work, motivation, and luck will inevitably lead to success. This practice not only takes away the stress but also changes your life.

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