Paul Valbuena On Florida Shooting And Nationwide Need for Mental Health Education

Dr. Paul Valbuena, a double board-certified psychiatrist. who has been in the public and private sector of mental health for over 10 years, says “we have a nationwide problem of ignoring mental health issues and signs of trouble”. Obviously, there were red flags in the Florida shooting case but the monitoring of Cruz and his mental health fell through the system and was not given the attention or care needed”.
None of the warning signs he put out should be taken lightly which is why we need a better system that takes the time to notice and care for people that show mental health concerns especially when it involves anger or violence”.
“We need to educate parents, and the public about the signs and cries for help that should not be ignored”.
Dr. Valbuena served as Chief Medical Officer at Valley Hospital in Phoenix, where he still works as an attending psychiatrist. He is director of psychiatry at Calvary Center, an associate professor at Midwestern University, and owner and founder of Valbuena 360° Wellness.
During his career as a top psychiatrist for many hospitals and eventually becoming a medical director, he saw the system become more medication-focused. “Over the years our medical system has become a mill of over-prescribing and polypharmacy, lack of communication with other doctors, and treating humans as a number,” says Dr. Valbuena. “While there are good doctors trying to manage this, the system has changed from treating patients as a whole to simply medicating or letting them fall through the cracks”.

“Mental health is more than a chemical in the brain; it is a body, mind, and soul experience with the ultimate goal being a happy and fulfilling life over the long run,” says Dr. Valbuena


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