How to Lose Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Class reunions, last minute vacations, weddings, and plans to reunite with dates from years’ past can send Americans to the internet to investigate ways to rid their bellies of stubborn fat. Starving oneself, doing abdominal crunches until you faint, or wrapping one’s midsection with plastic wrap simply won’t do it. There are methods that can reduce belly fat fast and safely.

Ways to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Safely

If you have months to prepare your svelte stomach, methods to reduce are plentiful. Notwithstanding the overall effectiveness, how effective they all are vary based on hundreds of factors for every individual. Here are some of the best means of ironing out a flabby belly.

Avoid Empty Calories

Empty calories are a stomach’s biggest enemy. Many foods that are white in color can be your tummy reduction plan threat. The Terrible White Foods List–flour, white rice, white sugar, and fried potatoes–have now been added to NOPE list. Instead eat more lean meats—prepared by grilling or roasting—more fish, more green, leafy vegetables, and whole grains for a healthy, rounded food plan.

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

Another culprit that hinders weight loss is alcoholic drinks. Medical experts recommend limiting your alcohol intake to one drink per day, and when trying to flatten your stomach, they suggest eliminating them all together. A two-month timeframe allows some leeway in your belly flattening regimen, and steering clear of alcohol should be at the top of your abstinence list along with fatty foods and the Terrible White Foods List.

Increase Your Physical Activity

Rev up your metabolism by adding cardio sessions to your week. When you are used to doing activity one or two days a week, add two or three more days a week, alternating between high intensity and low-intensity workouts in intervals to see swift results.

Drink a lot of Water

Remember throughout the process—whether it is consumption you are changing or exercise, drinking your weight in ounces will facilitate the reduction of the fat loss process. Without water, there is little to flush to spent energy from your body. Keep a cool water bottle with you throughout the day and evening with a straw (you drink more from a straw) and sip, sip, sip all day long.


You may have thought a week is too brief a time to make any change to your belly. Not true. Until recent years, the only effective method that could impact your belly fat in a flash was liposuction. Serious complications such as blood clots and injuries to organs or the abdomen are at one end of the spectrum of this fast procedure. More mild issues that can arise after liposuction are flabby extra skin, skin numbness, and pain at the site. These cons are simple reasons many back away from liposuction.


Among the tactics to reduce tummy bulges are changing consumption habits, changing physical activities, and or employing a safe, fast method called CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive, safe method to target trouble areas quickly, safely, and effectively to eliminate fat forever. Because the procedure does not simply shrink fat cells, it eliminates them forever. Here’s how it works. First, while you lounge, rest, read, or watch Netflix, a technician applies controlled cooling to portions of your skin. This cooling action kills fat cells. Then, your body does what comes naturally expelling the dead fat cells from your body on its own. The procedure is desirable because fat cells that remain in your body always have the capacity to swell again. Because cool sculpting eliminates the cells, the trouble area remains diminished of fat cells permanently.

Find the Best Way for Yourself

Years of frustrating body fat, particularly troublesome, stubborn areas can seldom be undone in an instant. When you have the time and motivation to eliminate fat, success can still be elusive. Eating healthy and exercise is healthy for you at any weight. When your plan fails and you are staring down your big occasion, CoolSculpting can be your go-to last ditch effort for rapid, safe, effective belly fat loss. Valbuena Wellness can help you explore your belly fat reduction options and reach your goal—a flatter, beautiful belly.

Contact our office today to make your first appointment. If speed is your goal, our professional, empathetic staff can help you get started right away and ready knock your classmates or former lover off their feet.

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