Double Chin

Cleared by FDA: CoolSculpting for Double Chin

If you’re not loving your double chin, you’re not alone. Double chin treatment is one of the most popular and effective CoolSculpting treatments.

Equally effective for men and women, the CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedure is an outstanding way to target, tighten and tone a double chin. It can be done in just one or two treatments, and results can be seen in a few short weeks.

A double chin, sometimes called a “turkey gobble” or neck fat, is a common reality for many people. Aging skin which has begun to lose its elasticity, combined with weight gain and even sun damage, can contribute to a double chin.

Other common issues such as hormone imbalance, poor nutrition, smoking and overuse of alcohol also can contribute to the appearance of double chin.

Whatever the cause (or causes) of your double chin, Valbuena can help!


First Things First

If you’ve been thinking about surgery to tighten or eliminate your double chin, you might want to think again. Necklifts and facelifts are serious procedures that require anesthesia and considerable down time. They also cause inevitable scarring and sometimes, the results are less than desirable.

How CoolSculpting Can Get Rid of Double Chin

The good news is that there are things you can do right now to improve the appearance of your chin and neckline. Let’s take a look at what you can do on your own and then see how CoolSculpting can help trim your double chin once and for all.

Diet and Exercise

We all know that diet and exercise can help your overall appearance. Losing weight, eating right and moving more will make you feel better, too!

So if you’re carrying some extra weight, eating the wrong foods, drinking the wrong drinks and leading a sedentary lifestyle, you’ll want to change this immediately.

Diet and exercise won’t eliminate fat cells lingering in your chin and neck, however. Losing weight will cause fat cells to shrink and in many cases, the loss of fullness in your neck and chin can lead to a sagging appearance.

This is where exercise can help by improving muscle tone and your overall appearance. This is also where CoolSculpting can provide additional help by tightening and toning the skin under your chin. More on this in a bit.

While you’re improving your diet, losing weight and toning up with moderate exercise, remember to drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants, such as organic yogurt, pomegranates, leafy green veggies and yes, even some chocolates. These healthy habits help improve your overall appearance, including your skin.

Nix the Nicotine

If you’re a smoker, this would be a great time to stop. Even occasional use of tobacco products can lead to a range of skin problems, including sagging skin as well as infections and delayed healing.

Alcohol also can wreak havoc on your skin. Overuse of alcohol can lead to dehydration, malnutrition and compromised liver function. All of this can cause skin problems that contribute to signs of aging, including sagging skin, loss of elasticity and an overall tired look.

The sooner you quit smoking and curb any overuse of alcohol, the sooner you’ll be able to help yourself look your best.


Schedule Your CoolSculpting Consultation

Now that you’ve begun to do your part to trim your double chin, Valbuena can help you get the tightened, toned and younger looking chin you imagine.

CoolSculpting for a double chin is a painless, in-office treatment that can give you the beautifully trim and toned chin you desire. In fact, we can often get the results you want in a single treatment.

Diet and exercise merely shrink fat cells. This means that regardless of how much weight you lose, the fat cells remain in your body. This is why so many people gain weight back after losing it.

With CoolSculpting, we destroy those fat cells once and for all by freezing and killing them. Once the fat cells die, your body will eliminate them through natural waste elimination processes.

We also tighten and tone the surrounding skin to lift your neck and chin, greatly reducing or even eliminating the bulge that causes a double chin. In just a few weeks, you won’t see that double chin anymore!

So if you’re ready to say goodbye to your double chin and get the youthful look you want, schedule your CoolSculpting consultation with our office today. We’ll take a careful look at your skin, listen to your goals, and create a treatment plan to tighten, tone and trim your double chin for good.

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