5 Tips To Really Relax This Weekend.

TGIF! As soon as Friday comes we are all immediately in a good mood. We know that the long work week is over and it’s time to take a break. We all have busy lives, no doubt, and there never seems to be enough time to relax and finish everything we need to get done around the house. Because of this, we never really get the chance to relax and unwind. Though the chores are plenty and the to do list goes on and on, we can still do a few things in order to give ourselves the chance to de-stress this weekend. 

Here are 5 tips on how to relax this weekend.

1. Get Physical

Get up and get outdoors. Getting some fresh air is good for our mental health and wellbeing. We are usually indoors all week and just doing something simple like taking a hike or going for a bike ride can make a huge difference. Physical exercise is proven to release endorphins and give our brains that little boost of happiness we all so desperately need. Sunshine is also a source for Vitamin D which is important for a healthy immune system. 

2. Plan Something Fun For Sunday

Sundays are still the weekend but due to Monday morning looming around the corner sometimes it doesn’t feel so much like a weekend and Sundays are now just Pre-Monday. All of the things that piled up and neglected are now becoming Sunday night stressors. Try Carving out some time on Saturday morning or even Friday night to do some chores that are usually saved for Sunday so you can plan something fun and end the weekend doing something relaxing that you enjoy. 

3. Start Something New

Set some time aside to try something new. Maybe its a new cuisine, or learning a new skill or hobby. Perhaps we can even pick up that dusty guitar in the closet that we always wanted to learn. Trying new things adds some excitement to the ordinary and somewhat mundane routines. Routines are helpful for managing our life and our stress but too much repetition can be just as bad as not enough. Leading a stress free lifestyle is about finding balance in these types of things.

4. Do Something For Yourself

Take a bath, take a walk, watch Netflix, do anything that you enjoy that is just for you. It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you find pleasure. We forget sometimes that we really need to give ourselves a break. Giving ourselves a mental break and finding something that is just for us is essential to our well-being and surefire way to relax this weekend. 

5. Device Detox

We are stressed out at work and when we leave work the emails, phone calls, and social media notifications keep rolling in. The pleasure centers in our brain are stimulated through our eyes, and therefore our screens. Screen fasting can help reset our brains’ reliance on devices and balance our body’s chemistry.  Not to mention taking the break from all of the stress inducing outside influences can be just what we need to have a less stressful weekend and really enjoy some time off. Even if it’s for part of the day a device detox is called for in order to keep ourselves leveled out.

Most times the weekend flies by and we never really had a chance to unwind. Before you know it Sunday night is creeping up on us and the laundry is still dirty, the yard is still overgrown, and you never got the chance to catch up on netflix binging. Trying these helpful tips to de-stress can make a huge difference in our overall mental health and well being. Rethink Sundays, start enjoying some real time off to relax this weekend. If you struggle with overwhelming stress or anxiety that is effects your daily life please seek professional help. The staff at Valbuena 360 Wellness is highly trained to help you with all of your mental health needs. Call or visit our website for more info valbuenawellness.com

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