Kevin Shepard

Nutritionist/Exercise Specialist MS, CISSN, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

Sport Nutritionist and Personal Trainer


Masters degree in Exercise Physiology
Certified in Sports Nutrition


Kevin has been in the health, exercise, and wellness industry for over twenty-five years. His experience in nutrition pre-dates many of today’s current nutrition professionals. He has worked with men and women in all aspects of nutrition support, education, and exercise guidance; from a university setting, health and wellness center, sport athletics, and health club environments. His experience includes hands-on and in-home cooking instruction. Kevin enjoys baking competition chocolate cakes. His creation called “Chocolate Thunder” has taken top honors in several competitions.

Professor Shepard, as he is called on campus, has taught exercise science at Glendale Community College in Glendale in AZ, Exercise Physiology at Argosy University in Phoenix, AZ, and Anatomy and Human Physiology at Phoenix Community College, AZ. His professional experience includes the development of educational and cognitive behavioral principles that influence learning, motivation, and behavioral change. Kevin has taught Lifestyle Nutrition Education and Theory and Principles of Body Weight Reduction and Weight Control.

Healthcare is a Lifestyle

Kevin is a former World Champion Power Lifter and once held three world power-lifting records. He was a three time National Collegiate Power Lifting Champion while attending the University of Colorado, three time All American First Team, and once held 10 national collegiate power lifting records. In the prime of his athletic career Kevin bench-pressed 556 pounds! He continues to spend his spare time in the weight room today. 

Are you confused by false nutrition facts? Are you confused by false fitness facts? You’re not alone this is what many people say. The solution you seek has not changed. Eat better and exercise. He will help you find a simple behavior solution to eating better and to be physically active for life. The actual solution is as unique as you are. Kevin will help articulate your solution that is unique to you and simple to do.

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