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Gina Valbuena


Excellence, Privacy, and Compassion

Gina Valbuena currently serves as Chief Executive Officer at Valbuena 360 Wellness. She is the wife of Dr. Valbuena since 1997.

They met while she was attending medical school in the Philippines specifically Manila. She graduated with her degree in biology and Eastern University in Manila and then attended medical school immediately after.

After graduating medical school, she was already married to Dr. Valbuena, and they started their family. Though their decision, she gave up her career in medicine and decided to become a full-time mother, this is a decision she never regretted. She is the proud mother of four children here in North Scottsdale.

The oldest children have graduated college and high school respectively and two younger children are still at home. She’s very active as a mother, enjoys being with her children, enjoys exercising and hiking, and also does have a passion for health and wellness.  She is very active in the community, at local schools in the area, and also an advocate for exercise, health and wellness.

Her intuition for caring is something that she just grew up with and she is so happy to have an opportunity to be part of the vision here at Valbuna 360.

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