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When it comes to wellness care, Our center is the place to go.

Founded by Dr. Paul R. Valbuena, our neurobehavioral and wellness center is second to none when it comes to providing psychiatric, neuropsychology and testing, wellness and integrative medicine services. We have a team of highly competent providers who are experienced in their chosen specialties.
When it comes to providing neurobehavioral and wellness care, our center is the place to go. We provide addiction treatment, adult, child and teen counseling, men and women’s health and wellness, counseling and much more.

Our Providers

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Paul R. Valbuena, MD

Double Board-Certified Psychiatrist

Addiction, Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.


James M. Campbell, MD, DLFAPA

Double Boarded in Adult Psychiatry and Administrative Psychiatry

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Dr. Daniel Pacheco

Attending Physician


Nurse Practitioner

Gladys (Renee) Metcalf

Professional Counselor

Jacob Rundall


Meet Our Team Administration

Gina Valbuena


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